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 If you are a volunteer who works your magic primarily online, then you have arrived in the the right place. Now, you can have the honor of serving our private home residents from online as an honorary volunteer with HGRBS. In so doing, you are part of an even more modern way for sharing helpful information with  our private home residents which  can enable them to make safer and more fulfilling choices about the contractors they select to assist with their special home maintenance and improvement projects. What is even more amazing is that you do it because you are sincerely concerned for the safety and well-being of our residents! Volunteers rock!

Note: The most amazing assignments/opportunities below are offered by HGRBS in association with Volunteer Match. There is no mandatory time commitment for any of the assignments mentioned here.When you see something you would really like to do in this honorable cause for sharing much needed information with our residents, please, click on its respective link below!


Thank You For Stepping Forward As An Online Volunteer!

Volunteering Online

When you volunteer with HGRBS online, you are actually playing a very significant role towards serving America's private home heads.

HGRBS is a major online non-profit infoservice of indie volunteers for guiding our residents towards making make safer contract-related home project decisions.

HGRBS Online Expeditors

Enjoy sharing the "SERVICE BOOKLET" w/ other private home heads in your area!

Quality Control Inspectors

Proudly Inspect Online HGRBS Docs/Websites For Hyperlink Flaws!

 Content Inspectors

 Identify & Troubleshoot Content Errors for A Great Cause!  Let's Do Our Part For the Private Home!

Retired Teachers/Instructors 

 Develop Self-Test Questions For HGRBS "Free-Style" Special Course!

 Bi-Lingual Advocates

 Proudlytranslate and interpret for U.S. residents w/English challenges!

 Writers: Contractor Issues

Relish Showcasing Your Contract-Related Writings On Our Sites!

Volunteer Associates Are Not Authorized to Solicit for Donations

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