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HGRBS is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation on independent volunteers. Emphasis is on the rights and privileges of U.S. private home decision makers towards making better decisions about and getting better results from the people hired to assist with their special home maintenance and improvement  projects.


An Online Ministry To U.S. Private Home Decision Makers

 1. HGRBS is an online non-traditional volunteer entity which primarily outsources volunteer needs to and from the various geographic regions of the United States. No fees are ever required. There are no solicitations for donations.

2. Please, remember, no matter where you are in the U.S., when it comes to legitimate contract-related private home maintenance and improvement issues,  a function of this ministry is to facilitate the process for you to connect with both government and private sources most proximal to or in your immediate area relative to such issues. This is part of the HGRBS permanent "Free Service Policy." This policy is irrevocable.

3. Prime Demographic: U.S. private home heads of single-family, duplex, and small to mid-sized mansions and estates.

4. A special link is made available to you to facilitate addressing your home needs:  American Homeowners Fast Track                 

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Volunteer Associates Are Not Authorized to Solicit for Donations

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