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The first law of decision in resident-contractor relations is knowing who they "really" are and what impact it can have on our entire houshold.


Home Improvement Fraud In America  Is  Not  Something  Which  "Just Happens" - Instead,  It  Is  The  Result  Of  Being  Unprepared  To  Prevent  It. When we presume we are sufficiently knowledgeable against being victims of home improvement fraud, we often open the door to victimization. A leading reason is that each company or individual has a distinct reputation we know nothing about. Unless we are fully aware of what that reputation "really" entails, if it is contrary to the best outcome, this can mean jeopardizing our entire household.


HGRBS nonprofit has assembled key articles from which homeowners can glean information we can use to make the safest and wisest hiring decision. Meanwhile, to start things off, here are two latest articles in the nonprofit's "Homeowner's Guide Series"




Guide Series #11 – Homeowner’s Strategy For Making Best Contractor Hiring Decisions - Part 1

This is the eleventh installment for the new ongoing HGRBS nonprofit series offering resident-friendly information for home defense. This is particularly so for our increased protection against corrupt building tradespersons working in the home remodeling, repair, and improvement industry.


This eleventh installment introduces Part 1 of the four-part homeowner’s guide: “Science Of The 4 Crucial Phases Of Effective Contractor Screening.” Essentially, this article may also be considered an introduction to the need for residents to take responsibility delaying hire of contractors until we have “fully” investigated their reputation.

Often, home improvement and other housing-related fraud occurs when we are not adequately informed about companies and persons working in related contract services. This can be conveyed in others as residents being intellectually and strategically prepared to select only those we KNOW will not subject us to related improprieties. Among these are:

a. receiving deposits but not showing up or completing assigned work.

b. receiving advance payments on work but no delivering on their word.

c. being subjected to lies and related excuses for not showing up for days, weeks, or months.

d. ruining our home and other areas under our control because they are not as competent as they led us to believe or for reason of our preferring to believe they were.

There are literally dozens of negative things which often occur because of homeowner negligence in not KNOWING everything we needed to about these malicious persons before hiring. Spoken differently, we were not absolutely certain contractors would deliver as promised. This is believably the number one reason we become victims.


The Design of “4 Crucial Phases To Effective Contractor Screening” is to guide homeowners who are serious about perfecting our approach to hiring. Only when we are deftly ready to learn more about how we can develop an even better system for hiring contractors can we be likewise earnestly prepared to hire only the best. Here enters the “science” for so doing.

Science of 4 Crucial Phases To Effective Contractor Screening

Let us for our intended purposes cast aside traditional definitions of science. Instead, we can simplify the meaning of the word as pertaining to a workable strategy for getting things done by means which best suits our objectives. This is our interpretation for the word “science.” In better terms, it concerns special methods we can use to practically guarantee making the best hiring decisions.

Here is an excerpt from Part One of the homeowner’s guide under consideration:

* "Science of 4 Crucial Phases to Effective Contractor Screening" is a facet of what can be phrased: science of resident-contractor relations.

*Science of Resident-Contractor Relations: The intellectual and practical activity for systematically studying and applying successful technique, which maximizes probability for residents and contractors nurturing mutually favorable business relationships. “

Yet, it can be useful to acknowledge the fact that the phrasing in the excerpt is “formality,” meaning, it is for clearly defining the scope of these essential guides in the most accurate way. However, we may not want to commit this to memory - word-for-word. Quite frankly, this is not an academic study for which we need to accumulate grade scores or credits. But it can be important to for us to simply remember that, as it concerns related matters, in order to have a harmonious business relationship, we must have a well thought out approach. Whatever we do has to be consistent with our having the best possible chance for choosing wisely. In other words, if we expect to get most favorable results, we may find it most important to have a system specifically geared towards hiring ideal personnel. Subsequently, the four basic phases which can be most rewarding to this effect are outlined beginning with Part 1 of the related booklet series.


The homeowner’s guide, in short: “Science Of 4 Crucial Phases – Part 1” will most certainly guide us towards being far better guardians for the well-being of our household.

*HGRBS is always glad to hear from you. If you have benefited in some way from this article, please use the “Comment” link below. Response time varies.

Edited with special assistance from D. Madden

Public Courtesy – HGRBS – Since 2009

“Better Decisions, Better Results”








Guide Series #12 – Homeowner’s Strategy For Making Best Contractor Hiring Decisions – Part 2

This is the twelfth installment for the new ongoing HGRBS nonprofit series offering resident-friendly information for home defense. This is particularly so for our increased protection against corrupt building tradespersons working in the home remodeling, repair, and improvement industry.


This twelfth installment introduces Part 2 of the four-part homeowner’s guide: “Science Of 4 Crucial Phases Of Effective Contractor Screening.”

Often, when referring to some being highly successful in any area of our lives, while others are not under identical circumstances, this is because of an obvious discrepancy in approach. Those who normally attain such great levels of accomplishment have incorporated, individually, a system for doing things which enables them to do so. Contrarily, those who lack an effective method for making situations materialize in their best interest, are often disappointed by related ramifications.

A great example to this effect are competitors in the Olympics. There are a slew of factors which contribute to their extraordinary athleticism. Yet six of the most important:

1. Olympian’s personal Faith in her/his potential to win in the preferred sport (s).

2. Willingness to train.

3. Clear and well defined objective.

4. Commensurate ability to endure whatever it takes to achieve that objective.

5. Sound strategy for winning.

6. Daily support. (Normally that is attributable to mutual engagement with those who believe it is possible for athletes to attain the ultimate prize).

Focus: Glimpse of Olympian Florence-Griffith Joyner

Florence began racing around seven years old. By that age she was aware of her running abilities and believably she was usually the fastest. In later years, she was so fast that she wonder the silver medal in the 1984 Olympics.

That was not good enough. She resolved to do something about it. Florence was not ready to settle for second place. Only “the gold” would suffice (clear and defined objective). Deep down inside she had faith and willingness to train – and to endure whatever it took to achieve the goal. In effect, she developed a sound strategy for winning the gold. This revamping of her approach entailed intensifying her weight training options, and modifying her starting technique.

By the 1988 Olympics, Florence was ready! The new system of approach enabled her to clinch the gold medal in the 100 meter sprint within 10 ½ seconds. Further, the enhanced approach was instrumental in Florence winning another in the 200 meter within 21.34 seconds. Combined, Florence’s extraordinary accomplishment indisputably confirmed her as the “fastest woman in the world!” The record stands as of 2021.


Quite evidently, we are not all as mentally or physically up to par when it comes to being Olympic champions. However, we are innately endowed with the same basic potential to achieve more attainable goals. This means each human being is born well equipped for taking on challenges within our range of mental and physical ability. In addition, we are made having the aptitude for increasing them. This is only occurs when we set our minds towards so doing. The gold medals did not just “happen” for Florence. She was not born to do it. But one day, she made a decision to compete. There were things she had to learn – and to practice before that level of competitiveness was attained.

Likewise, in anything we set out to do, before we can realize related success, we must first have a passion to guide us in that direction – then learn to do it. But even more – to resort to action which is consistent with what we have learned.

Part 2 of “Science Of 4 Crucial Phases To Effective Contractor Screening” is an essential ingredient towards further developing our potentials for being among the few homeowners in America to experience little to no home fraud.

*HGRBS is always glad to hear from you. If you have benefited in some way from this article, please use the “Comment” link below. Response time varies.

Edited with special assistance from J. Anderson

Public Courtesy – HGRBS – Since 2009

* Science of 4 Crucial Phases to Effective Contractor Screening (Free download):


* Olympian Florence-Griffith Joyner


“Better Decisions, Better Results”




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