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The first law of decision in resident-contractor relations is knowing who they "really" are and what impact it can have on our entire houshold.


Home Improvement Fraud In America  Is  Not  Something  Which  "Just Happens" - Instead,  It  Is  The  Result  Of  Being  Unprepared  To  Prevent  It. When we presume we are sufficiently knowledgeable against being victims of home improvement fraud, we often open the door to victimization. A leading reason is that each company or individual has a distinct reputation we know nothing about. Unless we are fully aware of what that reputation "really" entails, if it is contrary to the best outcome, this can mean jeopardizing our entire household.


HGRBS nonprofit has assembled key articles from which homeowners can glean information we can use to make the safest and wisest hiring decision. Meanwhile, to start things off, here are two latest articles in the nonprofit's "Homeowner's Guide Series"









Guide Series #18 - Using Best Contractors
Preparing Our Home For Sale

This is the eighteenth installment for the new ongoing HGRBS nonprofit series offering resident-friendly information for home defense. This is particularly so for our increased protection against corrupt building tradespersons working in the home remodeling, repair, and improvement industry.


“If it is the lawn, minor plumbing, hedge trimming, gardening, etc., we may have learned to do these well. Perhaps we became experienced in these areas because we either did not want to shoulder expenses entailedin hiring others to do them or were unable to afford it. Yet when we look around our home, considering the cabinetry, windows, doors and door frames, crown molding etc.., it is a rude awakening.

In that moment, it may be the realization of the fact that we are gravely lacking in the required “skill levels” for tackling most critical components we sometimes take for granted. .”

*From “Amazing Homeowner’s Savings Plan On Best Contractors,” sec. Facing Reality, Page 1, HGRBS”

In this eighteenth installment, we are considering the “savings-factor” with regard to implementing our home projects. Doubtless, when it comes to shaping things up around the house or anywhere else on the property, we prefer options which are least expensive – in the long-run. But we may be so focused on the financial aspect of it all that we can easily neglect those of time and emotional values. We are perhaps in agreement that the money we invest will support our wishes for time-savings which go hand-in-glove being spared unwarranted discomfort. Certainly this is exceedingly more preferable than having our precious time squandered, and trust betrayed, after “gladly” releasing funds to a seasoned scoundrel.


There is no doubt that, for many who are preparing our home for sale, our greatest hope is for it to be in the best possible shape. Items we tolerated such as old carpeting we have not gotten around to replacing, creaky flooring, uneven paving stones, a rickety run of banister, etc., are in need of attention. There are other things which may be in disrepair which we have not had time to address. Certainly, as we “walk the house,” preparing our to-do list, very likely there will be items which require the assistance of reliable professionals. Ideally, we expect those we hire will be adequately competent. We need them to be trustworthy enough to handle the nature of work they intend for us to pay them.

Unfortunately, having our wishes fulfilled via skilled building tradespersons is not something which regularly “just happens.” Instead, it may be in our best interest to have a functional approach to “ensure” it does. We do not need anyone who has to figure out how to replace the kitchen cabinets or correctly renovate the bathroom. The bottom line is that if we want to hire the best, then it can be essential for us to do our utmost to first do the research – or delegate. We have a house to sell!


HGRBS offers a number of helpful homeowner’s guides which are especially prepared for residents to be better informed when anticipating the hire of contractors. These very special booklets are free and easily downloadable. There is no need to sign up or sign in to access. However, there is one which is recommended for those who anticipate hiring building trades people to assist preparing our home for listing:

“How Wrong Hiring Choices Sabotage Selling Our Home” (see “Reference Box” below).

*HGRBS is always glad to hear from you. If you have benefited in some way from this article, please use the “Comment” link below. Response time varies.

Edited with special assistance from D. Madden

Public Courtesy – HGRBS – Since 2009


*How Wrong Hiring Choices Sabotage Selling Our Home

“Better Decisions, Better Results”










Guide Series #17 - Disaster Homeowners
On Top Of The Game - WILDFIRES - 2

This is the seventeenth installment for the new ongoing HGRBS nonprofit series offering resident-friendly information for home defense. This is particularly so for our increased protection against corrupt building tradespersons working in the home remodeling, repair, and improvement industry.


For sure, there is nothing quite as marvelous as to be home and to lavish on ourselves all the benefits of it all. But then, hardly anything worse than having to flee its comfort and security in the dead of night because there is a treacherous wildfire nearby threatening to destroy us and our home in a single sweep.”

*From “Roving Phantoms in the Aftermath Of Disaster–WILDFIRES– 2.”

In this seventeenth installment, much emphasis is on making critical decisions towards recovery after the wildfires which ravaged our homes and other property. When we opt to remain in the area, there is no doubt that we are going to require massive assistance towards rebuilding. No doubt many of us will have to rely on both government assistance and whatever coverage we may have to restore our living situation. We may own up to the fact that we will not be able to make things exactly as comfortable living as they were – but we know our effort will lead to at least creating a more palatable circumstance than a tent. We strive to get our lives back from the ashes of the wildfires as close as we possibly can to what - it used to be.

Notwithstanding the fact that there are some things from which we will never recover such loss of life, family photos and other visual memorabilia, irreplaceable furniture and artifacts, etc, we are determined to move forward. There are enormous hurdles ahead but these are not so steep that they cannot be overcome.


In our quest for normalcy, each related decision we make has to support this objective. Subsequently, when we consider rebuilding or extensive renovation, we are going to need professionals with immense residential credibility. How and when we decide to take on assistance from those working in the building trades will impact results. Evidently, we want to hire only contractors who will aid in our recovery. However, our experience lets us know this is not an easy task. How will we arrive at the most sensible decision? Who will we hire?

When should we do so? There are many questions. Nevertheless, be that as it may, there is one which reigns above all: How much time are we willing to sacrifice to ensure we make the most reasonable hiring choices? This question is key in resident-contractor relations.


It is found that victims of wildfire or other disaster who apparently have not devoted significant time discovering details of a contractor’s actual credentials and rapport with homeowners are the most likely “double-jeopardy” victims after the wildfire is gone.

*Five Common Reasons Wildfire Victims Are Successfully Defrauded:

1. Impulsive decision making fueled by desperation.

2. Trusting individuals we have not first thoroughly checked out.

3. Absence of house rules which mandate time for first conducting thorough background checks in relation to competence for the nature of work, and proven positive relationship with other homeowners.

4. Hiring contractors found online.

5. In aftermath of wildfire, blindly assuming that just because a disaster relief contractor has a FEMA contract that he/she can be trusted.

Note: Even building trades persons with FEMA contract must be thoroughly checked out – by us. We may not be in such a hurry – although we can be led to believe the contractor’s arrival means we should put this person to work immediately.

HGRBS nonprofit offers aggressive home-fraud prevention technique which can be useful when we must decide who to hire to help out, especially, with all the damage caused by the wildfire: “Roving Phantoms In The Aftermath Of Disaster – WILDFIRES - 2.”

*HGRBS is always glad to hear from you. If you have benefited in some way from this article, please use the “Comment” link below. Response time varies.

Edited with special assistance from J. Anderson

Public Courtesy – HGRBS – Since 2009


FEMA Warning And Other Critical Advice


*Roving Phantoms In The Aftermath Of Disaster – WILDFIRES - 2 (Free download)

“Better Decisions, Better Results”








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