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HGRBS nonprofit has assembled key articles from which homeowners can glean information we can use to make the safest and wisest hiring decision. Meanwhile, to start things off, here are two latest articles in the nonprofit's "Homeowner's Guide Series"
The first law of decision in resident-contractor relations is knowing who they "really" are and what impact it can have on our entire houshold.






Guide Series #23 - Home: Bona  Fide 
Business  Organization
This is the 23rd installment for the new ongoing HGRBS nonprofit series offering resident-friendly information for home defense. This is particularly so for our increased protection against corrupt building tradespersons working in the home remodeling, repair, and improvement industry.
“The “Stop Work Order” for each homeowner is a personal command for which we have the right to make for dishonest building tradespersons on OUR property. It is especially useful for getting undesirable ones OFF our premises without hastily canceling the contract. After it is enforced and they remove themselves, we now have the time we need to consult an attorney or delegate that activity. The attorney normally have time we do not for discovering and developing solid loopholes to legally terminate the relationship provided there are legitimate grounds.
*From “Stop Work Order, “Statement,” HGRBS webpage.
This key excerpt for the “Stop Work Order” page of the HGRBS affiliated website: “American Private Homefront,” says it all about the function of this document. It was curated under the auspices of the nonprofit in light of the fact homeowners need to exercise more control over what contractors do or do not – on our property.
Believably, there are millions of heads of private household who occasionally are faced with pressing decisions in resident-contractor relations. This is particularly so when, after hiring contractors in good faith, their performance conflicts with the expertise they swore to have. Are we going to just “ride it out” because we signed the contract or should we take it to the hilt – fire them? Either way, the work we are getting does not match up.
For instance, we sign a contract for vinyl siding replacement. Let us assume, we know a bit about how it is done correctly – but as far as installing it ourselves ….. we have neither the skills, patience, experience, or tools. Subsequently, we require assistance from those who have what we do not. We expect the job will then be done right.
Someways into the work, we check in on the progress the contractor is making. She has, thus far, completed several rows of vinyl siding, working from the bottom upward. Obviously that is not the issue since it is the proper position from which to begin. But each row is crooked. What do we do? After inquiring with her about it, we are told it is because, over time, homes begin to sag. She was just using the original nail holes. This is why they are not straight. But offers to “correct that” without charging for the extra service. Well? What else is it about this contractor we are not privy to? More surprises like this?
Using A “Stop Work Order
Truly, using the example of this believably below par contractor, we may want to cancel the contract. But what if this person decided to file a civil lawsuit? What if this contractor claimed that we are in violation of the “3-day Clause” since we signed the contract seven days ago? (See “Reference Box” below)
There is a federal law (and similar laws in every state) allowing consumers to cancel contracts made with a door-to-door salesperson within three days of signing. ” - Nolo Legal Encyclopedia
This is reference to federal guidelines regarding consumers in relation a 3-day right to cancel contracts with “door-to-door” contractors. But what if the contractor was sent by a referral agency or we initially connected with them online? Would that apply? There appears to be too much emphasis on this 3-day federal guideline which may not necessarily apply to OUR situation. However, it is taken as a universal dictate for how we are to conduct our affairs when after 3 days, a week, month, and so on, even when the contractor we hired was dishonest about her/his competence. This is a reason more homeowners can benefit incorporating the Stop Work Order specific to OUR unique situation. We do not want untrustworthy contractors on our property. Period.
This is a way to “pause” having them do anything else pending further action. In essence, the contract is not canceled – but any further work is delayed as we search for a reasonable resolution. The Stop Work Order can be instrumental allowing additional time we need to find it. Please use link provided in “Reference Box” below for detail and the actual document.
*HGRBS is always glad to hear from you. If you have benefited in some way from this article, please use the “Comment” link below. Response time varies.
Edited with special assistance from D. Madden
Public Courtesy – HGRBS – Since 2009
*Can I Cancel A Contract Within Three Days Of Signing it?
“Better Decisions, Better Results”









Guide Series #22 - Homeowners GM  Over  All 
           Activity  On  Property
This is the 22nd installment for the new ongoing HGRBS nonprofit series offering resident-friendly information for home defense. This is particularly so for our increased protection against corrupt building tradespersons working in the home remodeling, repair, and improvement industry.
“Also like traditional businesses (those outside the home) there are things we hope to accomplish. There are always more than a few things we know must be done in order to maintain an environment suitable to how we choose to live.
In the standard retail organization this is otherwise translated: doing what must be done to support its reason for having the business in the first place. However, in both cases, we do what we believe is necessary to guarantee the greatest degree of fulfillment.”
*From “Why Our Home Is ‘Also’ A Business Organization” sec. “Main Objective On The Overall,“ Page 2, HGRBS
Absolutely! Where we live is our central locale for conducting affairs of our lives. Whose business is it? No one’s but ours! Although we may not necessarily run the home setting for profit or the public good – we do operate primarily for promoting our own interests. These are not for money or the community at-large but toward achievement of making home an even more palatable place for us to live. Yet in a sense, we can regard that as “our profit margin.”
It may not be every day when we have time to sit back and gaze about the house and say “Oh yeah – all ours!” And, perhaps on occasion we give deep thought to how “all of this” would not be so incredible without a slew of things we have done and continue to do to make it the phenom it is in our lives. We worked hard to make it happen. Just look around. Notice all we have gained. Obviously, still quite a bit yet to do – but – we are always working toward doing even more. Once again “our profit margin.” That is, of course, at least for these precious surroundings. We can also consider the fact that we have dreams, aspirations, and goals for enrichment which often differ from the standard sphere of business. Nonetheless, this is one, too. Others can deny it, but that is their prerogative. However, there are very few homeowners, when pressed on the subject of where we live is, in fact, a business operation – social but true.
Our Business To Defend
In consideration to our home being, in all personal respects, a legitimate social business organization, we are encouraged to do even more to ensure things go well. A way this can be done, especially entertaining the prospect of hiring contractors, is through doing our best to be certain those we may want to hire are trustworthy.
“It is obvious that this is with reference to how we approach authorizing our special contractor-related home maintenance and improvement projects. Many residents put on airs of knowing better than to select and hire contractors without first validating their legal credentials as well as their reliability and efficiency in terms of delivery. However, it is easy to become lax in doing these things. Perhaps upwards to 90% of residents who become unfortunate victims were in the beginning very firm about their expectations. Yet some way along the line they lowered their guard. Why? The reason which appears most prominent is that they began to trust the contractors.”
From “Home Is The Best Wonder Of The World!” sec. “Avoid Weakness Of Blind Trust,” Page 2, HGRBS
Here is another special homeowner’s guide we may choose to refer to for reassurance of where we live being a bona fide business: “Why Our Home Is ‘Also’ A Business Organization.” It is a free download. There is no sign-up policy for accessing it. The link for this helpful booklet is available below in the “Reference Box.”
*HGRBS is always glad to hear from you. If you have benefited in some way from this article, please use the “Comment” link below. Response time varies.
Edited with special assistance from D. Madden
Public Courtesy – HGRBS – Since 2009
*Why Our Home Is "Also" A Business Organization
“Better Decisions, Better Results”







Home Improvement Fraud In America  Is  Not  Something  Which  "Just Happens" - Instead,  It  Is  The  Result  Of  Being  Unprepared  To  Prevent  It. When we presume we are sufficiently knowledgeable against being victims of home improvement fraud, we often open the door to victimization. A leading reason is that each company or individual has a distinct reputation we know nothing about. Unless we are fully aware of what that reputation "really" entails, if it is contrary to the best outcome, this can mean jeopardizing our entire household.


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