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 Free Service Policy

HGRBS is founded on the "Free Service Policy." Solicitations for funding is prohibited. Learn how to access HGRBS FREE hiring guidelines for making wiser contractor hiring decisions.

Free Advice

Advice given is relative to sharing basic information concerning any questions, issues, and concerns we may have with respect to the decision-making policy about the people we will consider, select, hire, and/or fire for our home projects.
Example:  We are thinking about hiring someone to work on property. Although we have seen this person around quite a bit, still not certain about him.
We ask a reputable home consultant we know as to whether or not we should give this person our project, anyway. The consultant advises that we first give him a contractor screening document to take with him to fill out for that purpose.
HGRBS provides that sort of  free contractor vetting document. It's better known as the ... .... .....


We offer free downloads and the system which goes with it!


Free Consultation

This takes things to another level of service. Things are a bit more complex than just suggesting a few sources and resources to get the info we need to draw our conclusions.
Example: Against all sense of reason, we give someone several thousand dollars towards replacing all our windows. He ripped out the old windows to prep the openings for the retrofits and he promised to be back with tarp for covering. However, once he scanned the money with his handheld scanner from our account to his, something came up. He was unable to make the trip back and it rained. Of course, it is an automatic Stop Payment. Then what?
We discuss the challenges after notifying Consumer Fraud Department of our vicinity about the situation. It may or may not be a scandalous one.


Free Support

Of course, consultation and support are sort of hand in glove. However, there is a subtle difference between the two: consultation is a lot less enduring.
Example: In the case of the person who did not make it back as he promised, we do not want to jump conclusions since we really are not aware of the reason he failed keep his word. That is where the consultation can help us decide which action we think is best for us.
The support kicks in when our consultant is still there providing assistance we will need, indefinitely. Unlike an interior design consultant who provides key assistance we need for decorating our homes - before going on to another client.  HGRBS  automatically anticipates , as well. There are no fees required – at anytime.


National Significance

This wonderful abode is tucked privately away somewhere in the country.


Nope. Don't know who's the decision maker here. Yet, for sure, the people living here are all inclusive among the private home decision makers and relative residents we serve... The catch, of course, is that we don't have to be there physically since the County Sheriff, District Attorney, and the Attorney General of that particular location are.
In addition, there's a very proximal Consumer Protection or ConsumerAffairs Department, as well!  Allies!
They aren't as isolated as some may think.And, that's exactly the sort of message HGRBS sends on a daily basis!







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