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All HGRBS Online Home Studies Are "Free-style."  This means these courses are designed for you to take at your own pace, on your own schedule, anytime you choose. Although there are certain suggested standards for achievable study goals, it is  entirely up to you to adopt them or to do things differently. HGRBS recognizes your independence since each time you must make contractor-related decisions, you alone are  most accountable for making them. Summarily, each of these studies assume that each resident has passion for more self-empowerment and accountability towards the level of learning and progress achieved.



Protocol & Performance As With Other HGRBS Courses Is Entirely FREE


This is a free online 2-week crash course for private home residents interested in learning quite a bit more than most about successful home improvement strategies in a relatively short time.

Protocol & Performance is perhaps the first free online crash course of its nature in the U.S. Apparently, the only of its genre which offers so much invaluable information and guidance without requiring a fee or soliciting for donations. This is a free online service offering consistent with the HGRBS "Free Service Policy:"

*Free Advice

*Free Consultation

*Free Support

Interested parties are free to inspect "Protocol & Performance" personally from anywhere in the U.S online.

Major Benefit: You learn more about these matters in 2-weeks than most  other residents will learn in a lifetime [In the crash course, you learn “how” and “why” this is so];


This is a free online weekly course offering facsimiles of legal documents which are specific to matters of home maintenance and improvement. For this online course, you are encouraged (in the privacy of your own home) to have at least  learned the function, use, and utility of the form highlighted for the week’s study.

Each week, on the STUDY ROOM page of the site, there is normally a comparable full-blown pictorial of the document featured for the week. The pictorial of the document has a link conveniently embedded where you can click on the image for the actual download. If you have Desktop or Laptop capability,  you can also print out each document on 8.5”x 11” bond.

There is also a printable "Self-Test" available each Sunday for you to enter your answers to test your comprehension of the function, use, and utility of the legal form featured the previous week. This is for your own information. Private.

Major Benefit: Here,  with respect to your contract-related home projects, you gradually, week by week, can become more familiar with the proper use of the right legal forms, at the right time. This gives you maximum control over the nature, conduct, and parameters of the project. In such case, this dramatically increases the  likelihood that your project wishes will be met or exceeded when you use them wisely.

This is a very special website which offers invaluable free information for you, as an American private home decision maker,  relative to making the best possible decisions, for the best possible contractors, for the best possible results on your home maintenance and improvement projects.

Central to this free online home study is the SERVICE BOOKLET.  This is a very special booklet accessible to you on the AHFT site which is customized to your area of the United States. There is one of these special booklets especially customized consistent with the legal standards of your geographic area. In addition to lots of useful tips for making the best possible decisions, there are hyperlinks which connect you to government offices in your area where you can look up contractors, access complaint forms, and other information.

Major Benefit: Private home heads of all major geographic regions of the United States are able to access invaluable information (without cost/without solicitation) customized to only their specific geographic region (state, common wealth, District of Columbia). Yours included.

 This vital website introduces to you what is regarded as the “Nation’s First Standardized Contractor Screening System.”  It introduces new vernacular which represents a more aggressive-assertive approach to making safer and wiser decisions in relation to home improvement contractors

Part of this new vernacular is“service validation” (or any variation thereof) which is similar to phrases such as “contractor vetting” or “due diligence.”  This is said to be "similar" because what is introduced here is an entirely more radical yet ultraconservative approach to screening contractor candidates for home maintenance and improvement projects.

Major Benefit: This system, more specifically, the "HOME SERVICE VALIDATION SYSTEM," enables you to work more responsibly and efficiently towards scouting, selecting, and hiring only the BEST contractors for your special home maintenance and improvement projects. This is the only of these free online home study course which are accompanied on certain pages by MP3 guides.

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