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      Gladly Serving The Private Home Sector Of America Since 2009          Motto: "Better Decisions, Better Results"
It's not a 'job.' It's a 'personal activity.'                          HGRBS IS AN EXCLUSIVE CONSUMER INFORMATION SERVICE




Mission: To Connect with & Support our private home decision makers through providing adequate online/offline FREE information for establishing successful resident-contractor relations. Simply put, to continually provide quality FREE information to U.S. residents towards making safer and wiser decisions hiring building tradespersonnel (such as contractors)

Mission Statement

Stated clearly,  as a non-profit 501 (c) (3) network  of independent volunteers locally, statewide, and nationally, our most fundamental service ethic  is to share information towards self-empowerment in resident-contractor relations. In other words, HGRBS is an exclusive  volunteer consumer information service which encourages others across America to do something to share critical information offered with private home residents. The design for sharing such information is to enable residents to make safer and wiser decisions in resident-contractor relations.
Historically, because many of our residents are not sufficiently prepared to detect the presence of dishonest individuals in the building trades [notably scandalous persons in home improvement contracting] , they are callously deceived into releasing related funds. This often results in overwhelming undue residential hardship. The most affected:
* Seniors, Disabled, Women, and First-time Private Home Heads. Yet the greatest devastation is among our seniors and disabled.
HGRBS believes that:
*The most essential key to 'home defense' with respect to resident-contractor relations is 'self defense.'
*We cannot adequately defend ourselves, respectively, when we are scarcely knowledgeable and practiced as to how this can be accomplished.
*'Self Defense' in relation to 'Home Defense'  generally does not begin from sources outside the home - but from within.
*Seniors and disabled who are beyond ability to seek how best to obtain this vital information, must rely on outside sources i.e. ombudsmen, caregivers, etc to learn more and to participate in incorporating a system of preventative measures, in kind.
*Volunteers in every locality and state can show more passion for our residents against home fraud through using a portion of their personal time to work with HGRBS sharing related information the nonprofit offers.
*Each of us, who is able, can take this matter of home fraud prevention serious enough to participate with HGRBS [wherever we are] to make the strategic difference in residents making safer and wiser decisions.
To these ends, each of us draws from his/her own resources exercising individual support prerogative to invest personal time and attention towards doing our part  - wherever we are in the United States.
We also understand that each of us, as American citizens, has a role to play in supporting the intents and efforts of our government towards the comforts and conveniences of the home setting. Therefore, we acknowledge, respect, and honor our government's concern and related activity, from state to state and collectively, being one nation under God.
Finally, we have concluded that in order to help our government do more for our people against making costly, ill-timed home maintenance and improvement decisions (at times being blindly defrauded by dishonest people), we may want to pitch in by doing MORE for ourselves.
*These are free online informational  home services, exclusive to legitimate U.S. private home decision makers residing in truly detached structurally independent homes which are  single-family, duplex,  tri-plex, including similarly structured townhouses,and small to mid-sized mansions and estates.

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