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   It's not a 'job.' It's a 'personal activity.'                              HGRBS IS AN EXCLUSIVE CONSUMER INFORMATION SERVICE

It's  Not  A  'Job.'  It's  A  'Personal  Activity'


*Volunteer Suggested Assignments Are Primarily Inquired About And Obtained Via Online Communication.
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VOLUNTEERS ARE NOT MEMBERS OF HGRBS. Instead, volunteers are independent men and women from various parts of the U.S. who choose to participate "with" HGRBS in doing something we believe towards assisting US private home heads in making safer and wiser decisions in resident-contractor relations. Volunteers are "allies." We believe the more informed our neighbors are about making decisions concerning building tradesmen/women (as home improvement contractors),  the more resistant we are to home fraud. In this, we are one: allied.




*Home improvement fraud and elements thereof comprise "most" consumer grievances which appear in the annual list of Consumer Federation of America report  amongthe "Top 10 Consumer Complaints" in our country. Ref. CFA


This special word is prepared to better inform about what it means for the self-less volunteers who have/do participate with HGRBS (Honor Guard Residential Business Services). To allay misconceptions which can easily slip in, HGRBS is not a traditional volunteer nonprofit. Its ‘business services’ are likewise uncustomary. The business of HGRBS does not entail earning or otherwise orchestrating fund-raisers. It does not include asking for government or other ‘hand-outs.’
The business of HGRBS is outlined in its Mission Statement [excerpt]:
Stated clearly, as a non-profit 501 (c) (3) network of independent volunteers locally, statewide, and nationally, our most fundamental service ethic is to share information towards self-empowerment in resident-contractor relations. In other words, HGRBS is an exclusive volunteer consumer information service which encourages across America to do something to share critical information offered with private home residents. The design for sharing such information is to enable residents to make safer and wiser decisions in resident-contractor relations.
Costs For Sharing Helpful Information
How much does it cost to help another human being? What is the price tag for sharing useful information which can enable others towards making safer and wiser decisions? If we have information which can help a relative arrive at better choices in life, will we require a fund-raiser to share it? How much does it cost to share useful information on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks – Daily? How much does an email cost?  
Basically, for HGRBS nature of information sharing, there is no requirement for volunteers to incur expense. It costs little to nothing for HGRBS to make available essential information which can aide residents towards making safer and wiser decisions.


A Personal Activity
HGRBS emphasis is more on individual prerogative. Put differently, it is not a matter of centralizing personnel for volunteering but more of inspiring individuals to operate independently. The ministry is different in that it emphasizes personal decision making among those interested in doing their part. The nonprofit offers critical-information-based opportunities for concerned volunteers through VolunteerMatch to exercise personal self-determination: “Would you like to do this?”
If ‘yes,’ each volunteer takes ownership. He/she becomes "the organization.” Volunteers do our very best because we are motivated by the social need - not by "what's in it for us?." We do it to help make a difference without asking anything in return. This is a reason there is no paid staff. Instead, we are an alliance of concerned citizens volunteering personal time and whatever else suffices to share critical information which can make the difference in the lives of private home decision makers whether on a local, statewide, or national basis. When we choose to incur costs/expenses in the process, it is because we voluntarily choose to do so. It is only ancillary to our own resource availability.  It is a personal choice.  Self-sufficient to what each personally decides to accomplish. 
It Is Not A "Job"
It is not a "job" as the word is regularly used. There are no paid positions.  Instead, it is something each individual does because he/she believes information shared will make a positive difference for private home heads making safer and wiser hiring decisions. It is an exclusive personal activity in which we voluntarily engage - on our free time - without interrupting our normal lifestyles wherever we are in the U.S.
If  you also have a passion for volunteering in this area, you are cordially invited to inquire with HGRBS via VolunteerMatch for what is available.



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