Here Are Answers to Most Pressing Questions Asked by Both HGRBS Volunteer Associates & Candidates

Q. How much do I get paid?

A. In terms of money, volunteers do not get paid. However, in terms of personal satisfaction from doing things to help others, it’s normally beyond anything money can buy!

Q. How old do I have to be to volunteer?

A. Eighteen years of age or older.

Q.How long will I have to volunteer?

A.For as long as you like.

Q.Is it really necessary for me to register as an HGRBS associate volunteer in order to participate?

A. No. However, registration is a requirement, especially, if you are going to represent your volunteer efforts using the “HGRBS” name, the logo, and/or for special activities which require direct affiliation.

Q. Are there any special benefits for volunteering with HGRBS or for being a registered volunteer associate?

A.Yes.  Aside from the personal satisfaction of doing something to share useful information with private home decision makers in your community and beyond, you:

  1. Get to know and to be known more as someone who really cares about our private home residents and the residential situation;
  2. Develop great relationships with others you know to whom this applies, as well as with people you meet for the first time;
  3. Achieve instant recognition for your compassion in this area;
  4. If you are a student, you can actually earn certificates which will look great on your resume in the “achievements” area;
  5. Make your own hours and set your own volunteer goals;
  6. Life-time recognition as someone who has done something to further the cause of our private home decision makers for making better contract-related home decisions;
  7. As a registered volunteer associate, you have priority e-mail access to contacting HGRBS;
  8. Registered or not, you also have priority consideration on any other HGRBS volunteer projects available (but you are required to initiate the request, each time, since it is not our policy to send unsolicited or otherwise initiate any e-mails or postal communications you have not specifically requested.  (No mailing list is retained);
  9. Other benefits consistent with your volunteer wishes and abilities;
  10. More self-confidence, a healthy sense of pride, more experience in this realm of community relations, and more friends and associates who are truly glad to know you!;
  11. Related surprises.

Q. What do I say and do when someone tells me they were just ripped off by a dishonest contractor?

A. Take ownership.  Say what you know and do what you say consistent with whom you are in relation to pre-existing and present recommendations of HGRBS.   Also, you can refer that person to consumer protection/affairs in your area, and give them your e-mail address.  Stay with it.  Take ownership.  Succeed!

Q. What if people I connect with offer to give me a cash donation for HGRBS?

A. Use your own discretion. It is not something you solicited. It is a gift.  If you accept it for your own volunteer priorities in the name of HGRBS, you are the only one responsible for reporting that revenue on the appropriate tax forms.

Remember, you are an “independent,” an entity unto yourself, meaning, you alone are responsible for the decisions you make. Hence, it is recommended, if you accept it, that the money goes towards your own activities as an associate volunteer for promoting the overall mission of HGRBS, as a whole.

Q. What if I wanted to pay for advertising or otherwise invest money as a means for facilitating things as an associate volunteer in this respect? Would HGRBS reimburse me?

A. No. Your expenses or investments specific to furthering the mission of HGRBS or for any other volunteering you do in this realm of connecting with and supporting our private home decision makers, are yours alone.  HGRBS does not obligate you to spend a cent.  Since you are an independent, this ministry views your financial choices as entirely within your individual prerogative (Ref. “Volunteer Registration Form.”) This priority for HGRBS financial exemption from being liable for individual spending decisions is as applicable to volunteers who are not officially registered).  There is no central fund earmarked for this sort of volunteer activity.

Q. Okay. What if I receive a gift of a cash donation, and I wanted to turn it over to HGRBS? What is the procedure?

A. That all depends on you. An HGRBS volunteer associate, although part of this national endeavor (as before) is “an entity unto him/herself.”  Whether or not you accept donations in the name of HGRBS is entirely your prerogative and your accountability.  It becomes a corporate accountability only when it is actually received and documented by duly authorized corporate personnel. If you opt to donate it to corporate, however, there are two important things expected of you:

1. E-mail: dof@hgrbs-seattle.com

2. Please, be certain corporate receives it and that it is aptly recorded with appropriate HGRBS department

Q. Is it okay for me to call and to e-mail people at random as an HGRBS volunteer associate to encourage more people to become interested?


Q. How long has HGRBS been around?

A. Since 2009.


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