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Formal Definitions


*Science of 4 Crucial Phases to Effective Contractor Screening is a facet of what can be phrased: science of resident-contractor relations.
*Science of Resident-Contractor Relations: The intellectual and practical activity for systematically studying and applying successful technique, which maximizes probability for residents and contractors nurturing mutually favorable business relationships. 



Science Of 4 Crucial Phases  To Effective Contractor Screening – Part 1



Science of  4 Crucial Phases To Effective Contractor Screening”  is based on a series of 5 homeowner guides published by the HGRBS volunteer nonprofit. These were first published between May 19 and June 30, 2018.

The design of 4 Crucial Phases to Effective Contractor Screening is to provide an additional resource for top private home decision makers in resident-contractor relations.

*Top private home decision makers in resident-contractor relations are individuals who normally have a passion for learning new information about it. We are regularly attracted to new data, in relation, which we may want to incorporate for reinforcing or improving our house rules
for hiring contractors.
By no means to suggest being better than other private home heads. Only better oriented towards learning more about safely hiring home contractors.



 Science Of 4 Crucial Phases To Effective Contractor Screening – Part 2



In Part 1, we shared information about Phase 1 of the homeowner’s guide 4 Crucial Phases To Effective Contractor Screening. It offers a reasonably informative glimpse of how vulnerable we can be without adequate ongoing as well as background information on home contractors.
There was special emphasis on how and why we can greatly benefit using tips offered through Phase 1. Fundamental to its rules is for us having an intact system requiring building trades personnel to fill out job applications. Further, we learned Phase 1 presents an especially useful document for this purpose known as the Service Validation Form. It is a unique job
application for contractors. We can use information they enter in this document for legally discovering true extents of their professional legitimacy and competency for delivering on our nature home projects.
Part 2 introduces facets of Phase 2 of 4 Crucial Phases to Effective Contractor Screening.  Each phase leads into the other  fulfilling our ultimate objective for increasing our personal best in successful resident-contractor relations.




Science Of 4 Crucial Phases  To Effective Contractor Screening – Part 3



Before going on to consider the value of Phase 3 in relation to other phases for best possible impact towards safer hiring, it can be useful to remember:

a. Phases 1 – 4 are complementary i.e., each is part of a single non-traditional
application process engineered to support our potential for making most reasonable hiring decisions.
b. Phase 1 is implemented upon presentation of our application to unknown contractor candidates. There are conditions for them to take it with them for filling out. Other suggested standards are for them to return it after 24 hours or at some later scheduled day and time. Five (5) residential references included.
c. Phase 2 is when contractors return the application as scheduled. There are
conditions for this, as well. Among these: completely filled out and legible with five (5) residential references.
Notice that both Phase 1 and 2 mandate delay in making a decision. The first pause is enforced to literally shutdown impulsive decision making. Our reason: initial feelings are insubstantial since they rarely tell us what we need to know about those we may entrust our homes to. The second pause (Phase 2), repeats turning off the inclination to speed our decision.  Instead, we again send contractors away. We need adequate time to conduct a deep
reputation check on them. 



Science Of 4 Crucial Phases  To Effective Contractor Screening – Part 4



In Part 3 of this series “Science of the 4 Crucial Phases to Effective Contractor Screening,” we briefly rehashed obvious and less conspicuous aspects of Phase 1 and 2. Most notably, we were a bit more enlightened to the effect that the initial two phases can be used also as a pre-screening process for ascertaining contractor willingness to be cooperative.

It was resolved that a contractor’s roundabout refusal to go along with our requirements for filling out an application is reckless disregard for our inherent authority. It is indicative of the contractor’s latent tendency to dictate the hiring process. We also identified this as a probable display of the contractor’s attempting to place his/her wishes ahead of ours.

Notwithstanding the fact that this building trades person potentially has superior skill for our project, since we are offering to compensate him/her for using it, then it is more a matter of respectfully recognizing our wishes as most paramount, instead. But we can be reasonably diplomatic asserting ourselves. We may need only to imply that our home is our domain.

Further, we can calmly insist that the application process, especially for unknown building trades persons, is a necessary standard for our household. We may want to kindly emphasize that we have a policy for first checking out contractors before they are considered for hire. Can we be any clearer?





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