Whether you are a U.S. private home decision maker or someone who has a call for this ministry of service, your assistance is needed as an HGRBS volunteer associate. This is not a popular cause. It should be. A major part of our mission is to make it one. 


Before you decide to volunteer under the banner of HGRBS, please, be prepared. These two very crucial items will assist towards you being the best you can be and better, as an effective representative for the private home heads of your community, town, city, and state.

1. Volunteer Associates Guide    (General guidelines about what it means to be an HGRBS Volunteer Associate)

2. Service Booklet (Please, locate the "Service Booklet" for your geographic area. You should find it on the website this link will take you. It's an online booklet which you can guide our residents to, and use personally to enable you to become familiar with options your neighbors have for "validating" residential contractors or filing online complaints).

Code of Conduct

*Note: The  specialization of HGRBS is only for matters of "HOME MAINTENANCE & IMPROVEMENT"

Other concerns for "Home Construction," "Mortgages," "Sales," "Boards,"  "Landlord-Tenant," or for any private dwellings which must legally house more than two families, are handled by other agencies and organizations with paid staff. We do not to do what others are doing and should do whom are already specialized in those areas.

A Moment in U.S.History

In 2008, a contract firm "American Shingles & Siding" was reportedly founded officially. Although there is a duality to their name, they are reported to have concentrated more on the "roofing" aspect. They were what you might call "disaster chasers" (The misnomer, of course, "storm chasers.") In 2010 (only two years later), they declared a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy claiming to be unable to address bills for upwards to 50 million dollars. Later reports have sales at 65 mil, instead.

Why? The leading reasons are that they skirted paying the people they owed when they owed it, and doing the work they said they would do when they should have done it. Reportedly, by the time this dishonest contract firm declared bankruptcy, it owed in the area of 3,500 residents nationwide. It was apparently the biggest, most elusive residential contractor sting operation against residents in recent American history.

*This outcome is consistent with  tenets of the "Universal Law of Home Project Success & Failure" [ref]

In America, people who target and prey on those of our private home sector easily number over 100,000. That number multiplies significantly when you factor in all the evidences and probabilities of each one of these predators victimizing several residents.

The dishonest people who do these things represent many trades, targeting and victimizing the people of America's private home sector throughout the year (Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring). It is an every day occurrence, affecting many thousands of people on a monthly basis. We volunteer because the need is there.

One of the major reasons (of a few) for these things happening is that we are absent where we can be present; missing where we can be active. This is a leading reason dishonest contract firms of all types and sizes have been able to mistreat our residents in contract-related situations. This is a leading reason "American Shingles & Siding" were able to do it. There are thousands of  smaller versions of that scattered around our country today. You may not be there when youwant to be, but you can be there when you are able to be. Represent!

HGRBS is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation of independent volunteers like you. As a volunteer associate you opt to support the rights and privileges of American private home decision makers towards making better decisions about and getting better results from the people hired to assist with special private home maintenance and improvement projects.

Mission: To Connect with & Support our private home decision makers towards being more successful in contract-related home projects each resident authorizes, and to resort to any necessary legal actions within allowable parameters as each situation may warrant.

In the "Volunteer Associates Registration" Disclaimer, the basic agenda is spelled out in terms of being fundamentally independent to operate as you choose, when you choose, consistent with tenets of the "Volunteer Associates Guide." We are non-traditional. When you register to be a regular with HGRBS (core associate), your status is completely independent representing your area in full compliance with all legal constraints, therein.

Writers:  Do you write about contract-related home maintenance and improvement issues? Are you a U.S.private home head of a single-family, duplex, or small to mid-sized mansion or estate? If your answer is "Yes!," to these questions, would you like to volunteer to write something to kick off the new resident-friendly page we would like to launch? It will deal with real-life matters of home maintenance and improvement experiences with contractors.

If so ... ... Contact Us

Available Volunteer Positions

[Items Below in Either or Both Columns in Green Are Active Posts]

Good News: Suggested for Starters. This is a position which just about anyone can fill. You don’t have to seek out people or do anything publicly assertive like handing out flyers or making speeches. You can, but only if you’re personally okay with that. Just always be ready to share info about what HGRBS does when you think it the right time to do so. Please, never forget who you represent in this regard.

Recruitment: Of course, this is one of the most challenging assignments. You do primarily one basic thing: recruit eligible people for becoming volunteer associates. However, it’s all on your time and at your discretion in terms of the where and when. No mandatory quotas. You shoulder all expenses.

Strictly Online: Basically, you make yourself available online to advise, consult, and support our American private home decision makers. What you offer is consistent with the mission and recommendation of HGRBS. Automatically, as we grow, you’ll handle more e-mails with the option of training others to do the same.

Online Auxiliary: This entails a number of online assignments/projects among which are Quality Control Inspections, Surveys, Research Assistance, Proof-reading, Publicity Assistance… 

Writer – (General): If writing is one of your strong points, you can write policy-related articles or stories about/for residents who have used, are using, or considering use of contractors for their private home projects. Your articles would appear in the network webpage “Home Priorities.”  

Writer - (Seniors): However, if you like to write and your leaning are toward our senior who own or rent their own houses, you can showcase that area.

Interpreter: You may have a strong sense for sharing information about HGRBS with American private home decision makers who speak other languages. Some may speak little to no English. This would be perfect considering the fact that you’ll be able to help them make better decisions about scouting for checking out, selecting, hiring, firing, reprimanding and/or prosecuting contractors. Of course, this is with regard to their home maintenance and improvement projects.

National Team Builder: This is more than just recruiting since this is an area where you [re always doing something proactive to recruit volunteer associates from all over the country … …. Not just locally.

Letter-Writer – (Hardcopy): However, if you’re okay with letter writing, you can write hard copy letters to various organizations like community centers, government offices, religious institutions, private clubs, and etc. … about HGRBS. Yet, please remember that you’re an independent. All incurred expenses in the process which you decided to make are all yours. Please, look before you leap.

Personal Assistants (General): Personal assistants normally work closely with team leaders to assist in whatever related capacity necessary consistent with facilitating our representation of our private home decision makers.

Photographers (General): Photographers also normally work closely with team leaders to capture and/record images conducive to furthering the mission of HGRBS. 

Publicity: This is very close to doing what everyone else is doing except HGRBS Recruiters. It entails multi-media activity i.e. phone calls, e-mails, portfolios, videos, hard copy letters, actual meetings, etc. … … to get more attention to the HGRBS phenomenon and press support. Please, remember that as an independent any expenses you decide to incur in your efforts are all yours. Your responsibility. Please, look before you leap, as well.

Venue Specialists (Venue Scouting & Arranging ): Activities often entail HGRBS approved community relations for arranging meeting places, public appearances, private meetings, and community event directly related to our mission. These personnel are represent local, statewide, regional, and national teams engaged in very much the same activity consistent with our mission.

Special Note:

Most positions listed in these 2 columns are customarily grassroots. However, the present 2017 focus is online with these in contingency in the event circumstances evolve off-schedule on the community level when it will be necessary to place more emphasis on actual grassroots operations. However, there are those who prefer grassroots, NOW! Better HGRBS than elsewhere!


HGRBS retains an "honorary volunteer" policy. These are volunteers who occasionally work with the ministry on special projects. Normally, these volunteers are either members of cohort organizations or individuals who just want to volunteer on occasion to do their part in one or more supportive ways.  They are also associates. In this case, it's immensely crucial that we avoid any notions for treating these associates as "outsiders." Like everyone else, honorary volunteers also shoulder their own expenses, if any, in the process of participation.

The difference, of course, is that you are able to go places and to do some things which only you’re authorized to do by virtue of being a registered volunteer associate with this ministry, and exclusively responsible for maintaining and improving our image and functionality when on our business.

Other than these things, please, consider treating our honorary volunteers with the utmost respect, honor, and congeniality. We’re all cohorts! Thanks for representing! We rock!

Volunteer Associates Are Not Authorized to Solicit for Donations

HGRBS Copyright © 2017 - All Rights Reserved  

 [a 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation of independent volunteers]