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Does Social Distancing Also Apply To Best Contractors?


Advent of the Covid-19 pandemic has raised concerns about the risk of making bad a decision. We may want to do everything in our power to make the ‘right decision’ for reputable contractors through being on guard against some who are carrying an infectious disease. 'Social distancing' IS ALSO applicable to resident-contractor relations. Be alert for signs of ill-health.
Decide wisely.
Doubtless to say, this is a very sensitive concern. There is no intent to maliciously create stigma against building trades personnel [of which home improvement and other contractors are], but this has now become a very serious concern: Social Distancing. Regretfully, this also applies to related service visits.
With regard to risks of the spread of infectious disease by plumbers, HVAC-R techs, electricians, and others of essential building trades vocations, we may want to be certain those we connect with are not bringing to our homes what they may be carrying. Stark difference between kindness and diplomacy. Our present situation requires us to be very 'diplomatic' declining ill contractors.
Certainly, this is very extreme language, but Covid-19, although our primary concern, is not the only. Notwithstanding the fact that  many Americans are vaccinated against other infectious diseases such as Influenza, Chickenpox, Mumps, Measles, Diphtheria, etc…, there are others we are not usually vaccinated against. Among these, aside from Covid-19, Common Cold, Tuberculosis, and Whooping Cough.


Also although we have vaccine for Influenza, according to a report by Oxford Academic on clinical infectious diseases, 8% or 26 million people in US [2010-2016] were ill from flu. Those infected annually have ranged between 3% - 11% of the American population. We can still get this!
In light of these health risks from airborne infectious diseases we are not vaccinated against, we may want to be extra-cautious if those we are considering for hire or who we have hired are displaying danger signs. The most common: incessant, awful-sounding coughs.  - The most obvious indication of something which is not quite right with their health. But we can also take special note of the fact that some exposed to the virus do not have symptoms. Stay Safe.
Our home projects and the professional assistance we are going to need are very important to us – but of what good if our entire household is ‘down’ because of a reckless hiring decision? At this time, it may be better to take requirements for social distancing very serious when considering service calls. Why not consider for non-critical home projects - DIY? We can consult Bob Vila, This Old House, etc. You Tube.



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