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[New free homeowner’s guide which top decision makers in resident-contractor relations can use for enhancing technique hiring only the best]
Have we seen ghosts lately? Do we believe such phenomena exist? According to a Newsweek web article written during last Halloween season, at least 45% of Americans believe they are real. If this stat is correct, it means that 55% of our population is a mix between those who are uncertain and others who adamantly declare the notion to be immensely preposterous.
Whether believers or not, there are limitless versions of the capabilities of ghosts. These range from ghosts assuming the appearance of animals, people, and things to their amazing aeronautical abilities, which effortlessly shame such a delicate spirit as Mary Poppins!
However, there is one description of ghosts which most people can agree on:
they have the uncanny ability to suddenly appear, then disappear without a trace.
Incredibly, that description is exactly applicable to the modus operandi of quite an entourage of harmful contractors: suddenly there, then without starting or finishing a promised project – they disappear without a trace.
Understanding “Ghost” Vernacular
The term ghost is applied to dishonest contractors and the websites they use to continue targeting and victimizing residents who are among the least informed in these matters. For clarification, let us consider more specifically what is meant by Ghost Contractors and Ghost Websites:
  • Ghost Contractors are detrimental contractors who appear to residents as morally trustworthy.
  • Ghost Websites are websites which detrimental contractors use to lure and trap unprepared residents.
In either or both circumstances, private home heads are tricked into making hiring decisions without first validating the competency and reliability of candidates.
This tarnished contingent of building trades personnel have a way of cajoling residents into accepting them without residents first investigating relevant current and background information. Needless to say, they have honed the dishonest skill of being charming. They just get the residents to like them enough to trust them. Most incidences of contractor improprieties which are successfully administered, occur for these reasons. 
Initially, contractors are cloaked with all variations of honesty, respectability, and congeniality. It is not easy for intended victims to truly see whom and what they are really dealing with. This is a form of invisibility.
The same is true for their websites. We see what is offered but we do not see the figures behind them. Invariably, these websites are symbolic optical illusions in which the assistance we need for our home projects very likely will not be found.
Homeowner’s Guide
“Ghost Contractors, Ghost Websites.”
This essential free booklet explains in very specific detail how to increase our decision-making abilities through improving our range of vision in matters of resident-contractor relations.
Stated differently, it is regularly confirmed that our abilities to identify problems in advance of anything we undertake, highly increases the probability for resolving and preventing negative occurrences. For example, we are entertaining guests on our front steps when we notice a van cruising by which reads “Best Work In Town!” The driver pulls into a neighbor’s parking space, hops out, and crosses over to speak with us.
When he reaches the front of our lawn, he stops and offers his affordable services. As he is about to approach, we kindly let him know we are not interested and that he should immediately turn around and leave. Dumbfounded and dejected, he politely walks away.
When the jilted man is well out of hearing range, our guests inquire about so abruptly turning him away. He looks to be such a nice guy. We pause before letting our guests know the reason: He was in the news a few months back for scandalizing an elderly couple for $25,000. He had not returned a cent.
When we first saw the van, we read it as “Worst Work In Town!” - Exactly what the van should read. Add to that his audacity to still prowl the neighborhood asking to be trusted. He also has a cyberspace presence: “Affordable Home Services, PCB.”
We identified him right away and wasted little time getting rid of him! Our guests did not know anything about him except that he appeared to be a pretty decent person. They did not have the background information we had.
The Ghost Contractors, Ghost Websites homeowner’s guide offers practical background information to enable us to see that which is normally unseen about unscrupulous contractors and their websites. It offers invaluable tips on:
1. How we can improve our approach hiring those in the home improvement profession.
2. Techniques for learning more about contractor candidates to be certain they are the right fit for our project.
3. Using informative shortcuts for determining credibility of contractor websites by knowing who owns them.
4. Learning to see beyond what building trades personnel such as home improvement contractors appear to be.
5. Special personal tactics to ensure that websites and the contractors marketing through them match our expectations for only the best.
Edited with special assistance from M. Conti
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For free online homeowner’s guide: Ghost Contractors, Ghost Websites:
45% Of Americans Believe That Demons & Ghosts Are Real

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