Ntl. internet "contact zone" for U.S. private individuals interested in helping to share home fraud preventative information offered by HGRBS in their own communities or nationally.


It's not a 'job.' It's a 'personal activity.'                                                                                                               HGRBS IS AN EXCLUSIVE CONSUMER INFORMATION SERVICE

Gladly Serving The Private Home Sector Of America Since 2009                                                                                                       Motto: "Better Decisions, Better Results"



*Volunteer Suggested Assignments Are Primarily Inquired About And Obtained Via Online Communication.
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Whether you are a U.S. private home decision maker or someone who has a call for this ministry of service, your assistance is needed as an HGRBS volunteer associate. This is not a popular cause. It should be. A major part of our mission is to make it one. 


If you would like to volunteer helping to share useful home fraud prevention information with other private home heads for making safer-wiser hiring decisions please confer via VolunteerMatch. Thank you for your availability!


VOLUNTEERS ARE NOT MEMBERS OF HGRBS. Instead, volunteers are independent men and women of various parts of the U.S. who usually connect with HGRBS online. They choose to participate "with" HGRBS to help ensure that private home heads are rightly informed in resident-contractor relations. Each volunteer knows he/she is making a personal contribution towards this social good in our country. A personal activity. There is no paid staff. Volunteers participate because we are passionate about residents being better informed.

 Resident-Contractor Relations: A business relationship which forms when residents decide to hire contractors for specific home projects.


HGRBS is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation of independent volunteers. It functions as an exclusive consumer information service. Focused emphasis is on supporting the rights and privileges of American private home decision makers in resident-contractor relations.

Mission: To Connect with & Support our private home decision makers through providing adequate online/offline FREE information for establishing successful resident-contractor relations. Simply put, to continually provide quality FREE information to U.S. residents towards making safer and wiser decisions hiring building tradespersonnel (such as contractors).

 *Note: The  specialization of HGRBS is only for matters of "HOME MAINTENANCE & IMPROVEMENT"





Other concerns for "Home Construction," "Mortgages," "Sales," "Boards,"  "Landlord-Tenant," or for any private dwellings which must legally house more than two families, are handled by other agencies and organizations with paid staff. HGRBS elects not becoming inundated and distracted by housing issues which are in the realm of entities with staff both paid and volunteer who are especially trained in those areas.  These are what THEY are for. Sharing essential information to empower private home residents to make safer decisions in contractor-related home maintenance and improvement -  are what HGRBS is for. Its data services, however, can be gleaned and customized to the benefit of ALL residents who enlist contractor support - irrespective residential structural category.

A Moment In U.S.History

In 2008, a contract firm "American Shingles & Siding" was reportedly founded officially. Although there is a duality to their name, they are reported to have concentrated more on the "roofing" aspect. They were what you might call "disaster chasers" (The misnomer, of course, "storm chasers.") In 2010 (only two years later), they declared a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy claiming to be unable to address bills for upwards to 50 million dollars. Later reports have sales at 65 mil, instead.

Why? The leading reasons are that they skirted paying the people they owed when they owed it, and doing the work they said they would do when they should have done it. Reportedly, by the time this dishonest contract firm declared bankruptcy, it owed in the area of 3,500 residents nationwide. It was apparently the biggest, most elusive residential contractor sting operation against residents in recent American history.

*This outcome is consistent with  tenets of the "Universal Law of Home Project Success & Failure" [ref]


In America, people who target and prey on those of our private home sector easily number over 100,000. That number multiplies significantly when you factor in all the evidences and probabilities of each one of these predators victimizing several residents.

The dishonest people who do these things represent many trades, targeting and victimizing the people of America's private home sector throughout the year (Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring). It is an every day occurrence, affecting many thousands of people on a monthly basis. We volunteer because the need is there.

One of the major reasons (of a few) for these things happening is that we are absent where we can be present; missing where we can be active. This is a leading reason dishonest contract firms of all types and sizes have been able to mistreat our residents in contract-related situations. This is a leading reason "American Shingles & Siding" were able to do it. There are thousands of  smaller versions of that scattered around our country today. You may not be there when youwant to be, but you can be there when you are able to be. Represent!

The Home Setting Is A Natural, Normal Business Operation

"Comfort" & "Convenience" Are Most Paramount

This Is The "Residential Business" About Which We Advocate!


Writers:  Do you write about contract-related home maintenance and improvement issues? Are you a U.S.private home head of a single-family, duplex, or small to mid-sized mansion or estate? If your answer is "Yes!," to these questions, would you like to volunteer to write something to kick off the new resident-friendly page we would like to launch? It will deal with real-life matters of home maintenance and improvement experiences with contractors.

If so ... ... Contact Us


HGRBS retains an "honorary volunteer" policy. These are volunteers who occasionally participate with the ministry on special projects. Normally, these volunteers are either members of cohort organizations or individuals who just want to volunteer on occasion to do their part in one or more supportive ways.  They are also associates. In this case, it's immensely crucial that we avoid any notions for treating these associates as "outsiders." Like everyone else, honorary volunteers also shoulder their own expenses, if any, in the process of participation.

Volunteer Associates Are Not Authorized to Solicit for Donations

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